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VersarienCu™, our core technology

Versarien Technologies enables engineering exploitation of its thermal management solutions in advanced materials such as copper foam. We hold the exclusive rights to a patent-protected process for creating microporous copper foam developed at the University of Liverpool. This has applications including, but not limited to copper foam heat sinks, air cooled, liquid cooled and passively cooled and in single and two phase products.

Thermal management and design is critically important to the reliability and function of electronic components. Air cooled heat sinks are the simplest and often most efficient method to cool devices. Conducting heat away from the components through direct contact, they rely on a large surface area to move the heat into the surrounding air.

Traditionally micro-channels, fins and pins are used to increase the surface area to enable more effective movement of heat but with VersarienCu’s patented process we are able to increase the surface area significantly with the microporous nature of our copper foam improving performance and decreasing the likelihood of component failure.