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Miniature contacts with great performance

The past 30 years, Omnestics has been a leading design and manufacturing company of world-class miniature connectors and interconnection systems. The company is focusing on developing and delivering micro and nano devices for applications with limited space. They make contacts for new as well as updated programs, with extremely reliable, electronic connections and interconnection systems.
To many people, Omnestic is an obvious choice when size, weight, signal integrity and reliability is crucial. For example, this applies to the medical industry where Omnestic’s products are reinjected into peacemakers, defibrillators and blood pumps. Their products are also used worldwide in applications in the space industry, in aircraft, missile and weapon systems, soldier-borne and unmanned systems and satellite programs.

Why Omnestics?

  • Specialized in miniature connectors
  • The products are used in high technical programs worldwide
  • Interconnections of highest quality

Tailored solutions for application-specific units

Omnestic’s miniature connectors are designed and mounted in one place, which is their plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their wide range of standard and tailored designs for application-specific connection and cable assemblies ensure interconnections that fulfill the markets high demands.
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