Martek Power provides power distribution for trains and other demanding applications. Founded in 1961, the company has extensive expertise in design, technology and manufacturing of power supplies. Martek are known for meeting specific requirements from different industries and the most demanding needs of quality. Thanks to Martek´s wide range of proven standard power supplies, they can provide unique customized power solutions worldwide, within all of their market segments.

Customized solutions in power distribution 

Martek serve market segments that require a supplier with knowledge, experience and certification in each area. The company deliver unique solutions to applications in:
  • Power supply for LED and other low voltage lighting
  • Motor control
  • Power supply for various electrical equipment in train wagons
  • Passage systems and ticket vending machines
  • Aircraft brake system
  • Fire protection
  • Radio communication and arena equipment
  • Power supply for monitoring systems
  • Vehicle electronics and inverters (AC/DC)
  • Door control
  • On board computer
  • Brake control

Wide range of standard and customized products

Martek Power manufactures standard products such as DC/DC, DC/AC and AC/AC chargers. When choosing Martek, you will get linear or switched solutions and comprehensive programs of standard products which are complemented with customized products. The units can be supplied with EMI or DC filters from their own production. The products are developed and manufactured with these specifications:
Train industry
  • EN50155
  • EN50121-3-2
  • EN50125
  • EN61373
  • NF F16-101
  • NFF16-102
  • STMS-01
  • RIA 13
  • RIA 18
  • RIA 20
  • RIA 12 
Vehicle industry
  • ISO/DIS 16750
  • ISO3795
  • DIN57879
  • ISO11451-3
  • ISO10605
  • ISO7637-2
  • ISO11452
  • CISPR25
  • IEC68-2-1
  • IEC68-2-3
  • IEC68-2-30
  • IEC68-2-34
  • EC68-2-38
Martek Power are certified with ISO TS 16949 and IRIS. Please contact Satco for more information.