Standard setting company in coaxial push-on connections

For the last 50 years, Corning Gilberts has developed a leading design experience with their high-performed coaxial connectors for broadband, telecommunications and microwave systems. Corning Gilbert was a pioneer in GPO®, GPPO®, G3PO ™, G4PO®, SGMS ™ and GMS® connections and set the standard for coaxial push-on connections. Their systems were originally developed for demanding military applications, but are now to be seen in satellite, wireless, test and measurement and telecommunication applications.

Why choose Corning Gilbert?

  • High performed coaxial connections
  • A world leading brand in RF connections
  • A top-class design and quality experience

A world leader in RF connections

Today, Corning Gilbert is a world leader manufacture in RF connections and aim to develop new interconnection technology with an improved RF system performance, reliability and efficiency with every new product. Their products are used in a wide range of applications, such as broadband communication systems, telecommunications, defence system and testing and measurement. Their design expertise is complemented with high quality and a great dedication to their customers.
You can rest assure that Corning Gilbert provides trustworthy connection solutions.
If you´ve got any questions about our products from Corning Gilbert, do not hesitate to contact us.