Euroquartz is a UK based manufacturer and supplier worldwide of highly reliable quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency-related products in the electronic industry. They produce defense-related applications and aerospace and satellite applications. The company designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of frequency related and custom-built components, to meet their customers´ requirements of quick delivery times.

This is Euroquartz

  • Comprehensive range of high quality, customized frequency control components
  • Product quality and customer satisfaction is the core of the company
  • More than 60 years of experience. Today they´re one of the biggest suppliers in the industry


Frequency products with high reliability

Euroquartz has an unbeatable experience in manufacturing frequency products, which goes back more than 60 years. With an experienced and strong technology group working with designing and manufacturing quartz crystals and electronic filter components, they provide products with the highest quality.
For new technology applications and major project updates, the Euroquartz customer has the advantage to access experienced designers and production engineers, who can assist with range, design, production and logistic of frequency controls.

High product quality and customer satisfaction

Product quality and customer satisfaction is the heart of Euwoquartz´ operations. To ensure that these important aspects are maintained, the company operates with a complete ISO9001 quality system. Euroquartz has also got a consistent growth in their business operations for a long time. Combined with in-depth technical expertise, on-site manufacturing, a broad and up-to-date product range and responsiveness to market needs, they are an effective and successful supplier of innovative, high-quality components and design solutions for frequency control.

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